At present no Covid-related restrictions are in place in Iceland. The number of cases in Iceland has been declining in July and early August and throughout the summer the infection rate has been much lower than during the height of the epidemic in Iceland, in February and March this year.

We urge participants to be fully vaccinated with booster, as well as obtaining a PCR-test or carry out your own rapid test, before travelling to Iceland and take all necessary precautions during travel. All infection prevention rules for COVID-19 have been lifted at the Icelandic border, regardless of tourists’ vaccination status. However, it varies what rules apply at the borders of other countries. In the Harpa conference centre, face masks and sanitizers will be provided, but we will not impose regulations stricter than those that are currently in effect in Iceland and in several neighbouring countries. We will not be strictly enforcing these recommendations but operate an honour-based system. 

Upon receiving their name badges, participants will be offered the choice to label their badge with a colour-code:

Red coloured dot:
High Sensitivity, please keep your distance!
Orange coloured dot:
Ok with < 2 m distance but no physical contact.
10 January 2022
Handshakes and hugs are OK.

Note that this labelling will be voluntary and you are not obliged to place a coloured dot on your badge.

If a participant falls ill during the symposium or notices symptoms that might be resulting from a Covid-infection, please visit immediately one of the locations in Reykjavík where Covid-tests are offered or take your own personal rapid test. Should you test positive, we expect that you will take the appropriate measures (please read), which include self-isolation for five days, and not attend any subsequent Symposium events.

Statistical information on Covid-19 in Iceland:
Information on PCR Covid testing: