Physical processes in glaciers and ice caps, and glacier hazards

Changes in mountain glaciers and ice caps impact local hydrological conditions, glacier-related hazards and global sea level. This session invites presentations on various physical processes occurring on glaciers and ice caps, as represented in field observations, remote sensing and modelling, in particular processes related to glacier hazards. Presentations may deal with, but are not limited to, the following topics:

• Surface energy balance;
• Surface mass fluxes;
• Glacier dynamics and evolution;
• Glacier surges and fast glacier flow;
• Conditions at the glacier bed;
• Calving mechanisms;
• Melt processes and glaciohydrology;
• Subglacial lakes;
• Risks due to outburst floods (jökulhlaups) from glaciers;
• Risks due to landslides on and adjacent to glaciers, and associated tsunamis from glacier lakes and flash floods into the proglacial terrain;
• Glaciers in high-mountain areas and impacts of their melting on populations;
• Effects of debris cover on glacier mass balance;
• Future perspectives on glacial rivers as water resources;
• Historical changes in glaciers and glacial environments;
• Ice core studies

Image credit: Þorvarður Árnason